Our Charting Packs

We want to make sure that your charting process is as efficient and effective as possible. That’s why we provide all the pieces your students will need to get the show on the field.


The cover is waterproof and tear resistant paper so it’s made to stand up to the elements.

What’s Inside

The interior pages are printed on a heavy, 100 lb card stock material. The page design includes specific areas for all the key pieces of information for each dot along with an area for notes and a grid to draw the form. The pages are printed front and back to increase the capacity of each book without making them bulky. The books come in either 40 (80 sets), 50 (100 sets), or 60 (120 sets) page sizes.


Our books are bound with two durable, steel rings that provide excellent durability without sacrificing flexibility. Need to insert a subset or swap out a few sets? No problem.


Students forget things. That’s why we put everything in our charting packs. We provide a 4 foot length of paracord along with a mechanical pencil.